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Simstorytellers: The Interview

So, it's Monday and time for the release of my interview for simstorytellers.

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Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

Well, hello again!

I know it's been a really long time since I've posted here. Yeah, sorry about that, but work and school really nailed me. As much as "The Sims" and livejournal is far more fun sometimes Real Life can't be put off. Fortunately I kept playing in dribs and drabs and just simply didn't post anything. So while it's been a while I do have a substantial backlog of updates on "Pleasantview" and "The Lost Ones" plus a few silly drabbles.

In other news, I signed into my account for the first time a short while ago and what do I find? A lovely little "you're it" for the interview from simstorytellers.

So, I'm back! Expect a massive update shortly.

Where'd She Go?

Some of you may have noticed that it's been rather quiet in my journal this week and very quiet on the commenting/reading front. That is because I am currently working at a summer camp. What kind of camp? Erm, you can ask if you really want to know.

Bad Side: My lack of action on the Sim!livejournal front will continue until the 21st.

Good Side: I have a lot of goodies stored up and 'Pleasantview' will be returning! Hurrah!

Request: The thought of all the catching up I'm going to have to do when camp is done is rather intimidating. I guess that's what happens when you're friend-add crazy and join any group with the word 'sims' in the title. So, if you want to make sure I find your update(s) drop me a link here!

In the meantime, enjoy the summer sun!

For the simstorytellers Challenge 007
Prompt: "Song Lyrics"
Note: This story is not part of either of my major continuities.

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Lookin' Rather Simmy

Maybe it's a sign I play this game too much but lately I've noticed there are some striking similarities between a few Sims and real life people. Most notably to me:

Meadow Thayer anyone? Methinks shoofleesims now has an actress for the live-action version of
The Life and Times of Meadow Thayer.

The Lost Ones: Session One

"The Lost Ones"
Based in the Maxis Pre-Made Neighborhood of 'Riverblossom Hills'
Written by Simfulacts
Dedication: To anyone who reads this and leaves a comment!
Acknowledgments: Thanks to the really inspiring Sim writers out there!

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... We'll Be Back After These Messages

My game has some serious lag issues going on right now and it's making playing it a little unbearable. I really don't want to sit there for fifteen minutes while my game loads. So, my "Pleasantview" tale is going on hiatus while I sort through my CC and hopefully get the game up and running a little smoother.

Don't worry too much though! "Pleasantview" will be back because I really hate leaving stories unfinished. Drives me nuts when other people do it (even though I know there are sometimes good RL reasons) so I vowed long ago not to do it myself).

In the meantime, I've started another story. Why? I just might be a little off in the head, that's why.

Stay tooned for "The Lost Ones" which will begin on Monday, June 23rd. Hope to see you there!

Twilight: A Poem of Pleasantview

Note: This will be part of my 'Pleasantview' story's continuity.

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I don't really have an update I'm satisfied with at the moment. Just started a new job and getting used to it is cutting into my Sim!Fun.

Anyway, as some people know I'm a teeny weeny bit of a Star Wars fan. So, some time ago I made a Star Wars themed character. Root beer floats for those who guess who it is!

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I'm having a bit of a time trying to find a LJ layout that suits me. I kind of like my current one but it's not very wide. I dislike how larger images spill over the column. Any thoughts?